BBC Coverage 2011

A few changes to the BBC coverage for the new season, we’ll see how they pan out.

First came the announcement that Martin Brundle will move to commentator, with David Coulthard joining him as expert summariser. I’m not sure about this one, we could have two knowledgeable guys engaging in sensible conversation, or we could have differences of opinion as two ex-F1 egos slog it out. Whilst I’m more than glad to see the back of Jonathan Legard, I’m wondering if Brundle will provide enough excitement to the commentary, or whether we’ll still be tempted by the excellent FiveLive coverage.

Hot on the heels of that is the fantastic news that F1 will be in HD on the Beeb for 2011. This needs no further comment.

The last mini-change, more of a consequence of Coulthard’s move to commentary, is that Eddie Jordan will move to ‘Primary Analyst’. I’m really not sure about this – EJ was a team manager (and doesn’t he let us know it) and is great for using his contacts to get the interviews Jake wouldn’t, but analysis has rarely been his strong point. Given that Jake is still a novice in F1, the post-race analysis is looking a bit weak until Brundle and Coulthard (and hopefully Ted Kravitz and Anthony Davidson too) join the red button forum.

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