F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2010 – Ferrari Strategy Costs Alsono Title

It all looked so good for Fernando Alonso, even as Button jumped him at the start. He managed to keep Webber behind him and even had Felipe Massa to hound Webber from behind. Webber seemed to have little pace and gambled with a pit stop giving him better speed on the hard tyres. It didn’t.

Ferrari, though, seemed unsettled and instead of keeping Massa out with good race pace, they elected to try and cover Webber’s pit stop by pitting Massa. It didn’t work out, and Massa emerged behind Webber, thus removing his usefulness in the battle and an inexcusable mistake in strategy.

As if that weren’t enough, Ferrari inexplicably felt the need to cover Webber with Alonso too, and duly brought him in. No doubt they considered it job done as Alonso emerged ahead of Webber. But they missed the relatively obvious points:

  1. It’s very difficult to overtake at this track.
  2. Vettel was leading the race from Hamilton and Button and they all had good pace, meaning they would be that much further up the road when they took their stop.
  3. Some cars, namely Rosberg and Petrov, made their one pit stop during the Safety Car.
  4. It’s very difficult to overtake at this track.

Nonetheless, congratulations to Sebastian Vettel who did what he had to do.

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