Team Orders

At the business end of the season, we’re quite used to seeing team orders come into play. The situation at Ferrari has been clear for some time, however McLaren and Red Bull have been sticking to the line that no driver will be favoured whilst the other is still mathematically in it – in the case of McLaren they have the history to prove it, whatever a certain Mr Alonso might claim.

The situation is less clear at Red Bull. If Vettel is ahead of Webber, then it’s pretty clear that they will not ask him to move over, to be fair to both drivers. One gets the feeling that it might not be the same if the positions and points were reversed.

At McLaren it looked irrelevant with Button starting in 11th, however some good pit strategy for Button, coupled with Hamilton’s unexpected problems in making the options work, meant that McLaren nearly had to engineer a switch. Hamilton just made it out in front of Button after their round of pitstops though.

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