F1 Grand Prix of Brazil 2010 – Safety Cars

A quick look at the timing information shows that FIA still has some work to do on the Safety Car regulations.

The McLarens pitted from 4th and 5th and yet remained in that position even though Schumacher close behind did not pit and even though they lost track position, coming out at the back of the field. Schumacher even remained behind his team mate who pitted twice during the Safety Car phase.

Another less than satisfactory outcome was with the Red Bulls. They were faced with lapping about 8 cars all fighting for position and had only lapped a couple. Vettel, as leader, was then picked up by the Safety Car, leaving him with no cars to overtake at the restart. Webber, in second, had to remain behind two cars and lap them after the restart, leaving him at a huge disadvantage.

The McLarens at the back of the field, but positionally in 4th and 5th then had to lap almost the entire field, who were being shown blue flags but largely ignored them.

It’s hard to make suggestions without being knee-jerk, but this GP shows that the regulations remain a work in progress.

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